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Curhatan, Curasi, Dramatisasi dan Tingkah laku gue sehari-hari yang dikemas dalam tulisan.:P

Curhat 119 - Idul Adha at Malang (before till now)

Idul Adha 1432 H. This is the first time I have Idul Adha on this place. Last year I celebrate it with my family at Banjarmasin. The day before this day.. I mean yesterday.. I have miss my land very much. Many my friends at kos or maybe my friends here are going home to celebrete it with their family. So my kos is very quite now. Actually My friends like Faqih, Denda, and Bayu make this kos more lively. But they are going home now. 

Before this day (yeesterday, 2011, 5 nov ) My friend named Dedi come and stay at my kos. All his kos mates are going home. So he's alone at his kos. I think thats why he come to my place. Because I don't have any activities so we are take a refreshing to Batu. Dedi showing us the to the mount at Batu. However before we go..  we invite tom and ardi and (I think all of UK'y). But at last only three of us (Dedi, Cahyo, and me).

Before we start to go....
Cahyo: lets go.. the rain is done..
Dedi: where you want to go yo? :\ .. it still raining
Me: I think we already break the limit.. the boredom ._.a
Cahyo: come on guys!! I already bored here!!! :o
Me: lets go ded.. the rain is not very tough I think :|
Dedi: hmm ok...

So we start our journey... (wiii our journey i said xD)
We come to tom's kos but..
Me: Tom!!
thegrandpa: tom's out.. 
Me: woah ._."
Dedi: woah.. so is it only three of us?
Cahyo: hmm.. it's ok..
Me: lets go then.. (y)

The trip when we go to the mount is not very good. I think the weather is not very friendly. 

But we here!!! on a mount!! not very high -- but a little high I think. We leave a footmark anywhere (take many photos..) and the cloud is block the way to go home.. so we in hurry to climb down the mount.. and finally rain is come to attack us. We weren't give up there, we break up the rain with our motorcycle. From the mount till Dedi's kos.. the rain don't want to give up too. So we all are wet because it. 

The rain still fall out there.. waiting and waiting.. till we tired to waiting ._." and Cahyo and me force ourself to back to our kos.. 

And tomorrow come.... Idul adha..
Many my kosmates going to ub to pray. I am join with them too.. when the event is over umm I think this day become the usual day.. a normal day.. maybe this is first time I celebrated it without my family.. 

*writing from heart, to heart

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