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Curhatan, Curasi, Dramatisasi dan Tingkah laku gue sehari-hari yang dikemas dalam tulisan.:P

Curhat 118 - My Kos and Kos-mates

"When you go abroad and be somewhere else (foreigners) do not consider that as your home .. That is different from yours .. adjust yourself and make it your second home .. because.."

I will tell you about my Kos.. especially my kos- mates. My kos address is Simpang Gajayana Street, under the tower (BTS) number 611 Malang, East Java. It location is very mysterious. The situation here was very calm and you wouldn't hear any noise from motorcycles and cars. My kos is very neat, because every morning the landlady clean it. However it isn't only job for landlady , it our job too. This place have 10 rooms + 1 VIP room. Each room have different spacious. 2 rooms from the gate have 2x2 meters spacious , 3 rooms at the front are more bigger, it's about 6x3 meters. 5 rooms (big fives.. including my room) have common spacious about 3x3. But my room is the widest from the common 5 room there. The last one is VIP room, the spacious about 6x3 and have washroom on it. The washroom/watercloset here are about 3 (for the common) and a kitchen.

Then the person or you can say my kosmates (neighbours) there are:

2 rooms beside the gate:

  1. Mr. Halim, he is a student too.  The Faculty of engineering, now completing his education as Student of S3 at UB. nice person.. I usually meet him when go to pecel madiun. There he is.. he like eat pecel too. He is the first person or actually first friend I ever had on this kos. The first I come to this place, there are only me, Mr. Halim, and Mr. Wanto's mother. 
  2. Mr.Wanto, he is a mechanic. He is an abroader too. Actually he is my big brother (adoptive).. the man who give me support to survive on this land. He is wise man on this place.. the other occupants are have respect to him. He lives with his mother here.
3 rooms at the front:
  1. Adenda and Bayu, they are from Sidoarjo. Adenda is Student of FISIP and Bayu is FIA. the room is very big and it can be 2 persons or more (i think :p). Adenda is nice person, he always call me panda.. --" and bayu is athletic person.. he like futsal and play music.
  2. Faqih and Bowo, they are from Solo. Bowo is student of FH/ law faculty and Faqih is FEB. They are nice too. especially Faqih.. I usually see him hang around on this place.. room to room 
  3. (empty), this room was empty. The last is Ms. Lisa, the student of S2 who had move out to rented house. Before her there was me and Arga who stay at this room. But we move out to the big five..
5 rooms of common (big five) they all are students of UB
  1. My room, I think my room is the largest from 4 others.. I always keep my room clean and neat. However my friend usually stay at it. 
  2. Dicky, He is from Medan. The student of Fisip (international relations). The senior.. now he's on his 3rd semester. Member of EM and usually travel to another university.
  3. Arga, He is from Madiun. The student of Fib (English Literature). My senior.. he's on 3rd semester now. Nice person ang game freak :P . One of two headquarters on this kos (the place where we all to gether)
  4. Hushien, He is from muara teweh, Central Borneo. The student of FT (Hidrologi). Senior.. same like two above.. he's on 3rd. The one who know banjar language... and the headquarters like arga's room.
  5. Yoas, He is same like faqih and bowo.. from solo. The student of Faperta. he is good at photoshop.. I usually asks for help if that are about image design 
The VIP room
  1. Mr. Dirga, same like Mr. Halim. He is student of S3. His room is located before the tower. Nice person and usually busy.. when he is on day off, he usually become communicated person.
well there are about my kos and kos mates. I am very grateful to be on this place. They are all become my family :'D

"That is different from yours .. adjust yourself and make it your second home .. because we wouldn't stay forever at the first"

it is not about why i don't want to go home.. i really really miss my family and my friends there.. but I think I'm more useful to stay here, there are many things to do and learn... if I come home now, it only bother my parents .. think for yourself .. what will you do when you go home now?

*writing from heart, to heart

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Curhat 117 - Going to Coban Rondo!!!

"When you feel so hopeless, you don't know what the way and where you want to go.. Actually your friends are beside you.."

2 weeks ago, My friends Faqih, Bowo, Yoas, Bayu and I went to Coban Rondo (Batu, East Java). That place is awesome. There are many cliff and tress.. (and bamboo :P ). It is my first time to travel on the place like that.we only use 3 motorcycles, Bowo, Faqih, Bayu. I am with Faqih, Yoas with Bowo, and Bayu with himself (Dani can't join with us because there will be a guest at his "kos").

The truth is we didn't know the located of coban rondo. But with the strong willpower we had found it. When we reach the gate of coban rondo, the gate keeper give us the ticket. The ticket price for native is eight thousands and for foreign is ten thousands. On the way we saw Dicky, (kos mate, a senior) the only oe who saw him was Faqih.

Faqih: hey,, that's Dicky??
Me: hmm?? really?? where?
Faqih: there, he's with his friends :p

And here we are,, At Coban Rondo. Many people are come here for take a look at the waterfall and the beautiful of this place.. I was very amazed with many cliff here. I am little scared if the cliff not very strong and became landslide. My friends and I walk to the waterfall. There are many monkey here. and the conversation start..

Me: look!!! that's a monkey!! :p
Faqih: hmm?? oh yeah :\
Bayu: where??
Me: there.. (pointing)
Bayu: woahhh.. :o yeah yeah... your friend huh :D
Me: Brother of panda :p

Bowo: lets go up bro :p
Me: well I think that very dangerous :\
Faqih: no no... just now there is many people had climb it :o
Yoas: lets gooo (joining and climb after bowo)
Bayu: lets go yu.. :o
Me: yeah... (and I joining too)..
Bowo: oh.. this is bare soil.. becareful yoo :o
Me: hup hup (already through it) hahaha...
Bayu: woah help me yu..
Me: umm I think climbing up is easy,,, but what about climb down???!!! (realizing that very difficult)

Me: Qih,, don't ride too fast --" ..
Faqih: scared?? --a
Me: the cliffs are too dangerous...
Faqih: but we will take many time to reach the waterfall --
Me: yeah.. I know the way to reach it fast..
Faqih: where??
Me: There.. we falldonw this cliff and reach the new way :p
Faqih: --a"

Me: eh yu..
Bayu: hmm what?? :\
Me: it's like I want to ride flying fox
Bayu: .... (stare.. ) --

so that is my holiday 2 weeks ago. That day when I don't know what to do.. what will I do for my weekend.. and when I back to my kos.. my friend invite me to take a vacation.

"I saw something too far away.. So I forgot to my right and left. Whereas on the right and left there're my friends"

*writing from heart, to heart

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Curhat 116 - Paddy Field

"Sometimes when you're busy with your work, sometimes when you're tired with your collage life, sometimes you had thought you are need to refresh. What if you take a tour to paddy field? Well.. Actually I will tell you my weekend with my friends"

It started when the Friday, the day without any schedule or you rather call that a day off. My friends Ernanda (yayan without k), Dimas (red ranger), Angga (kamen rider), Kresna (Joni) and I are going to paddy field. It's located in front of Joni's house. I myself (Wahyu) was very impressive with the view. There are many various vegetables like paddy (of course --"), corn, cabbage, cotton, bamboo (i like it), etc. 

Before we go, Joni's father gave sandals to us (for walk in paddy field). We're very glad and take the sandals but Ernanda (after this a use yayan for his nick) didn't know and he already went to paddy field with barefoot --" .  

Dimas: where're yayan?? :\
Angga: there he is.. (pointing)
Me: what he's doing there? --"
Joni: galau I think :\

Dimas: woyyy!!! yan!!! 

(Yayan only sit at the side of paddy field, Like he didn't hear Dimas. So we're throw many solid mud to him.. but unfortunately the mud wasn't reach him. so he didn't realize it)

Dimas: oh my.. like he's very galau,, --
Me: lets check him :o
Angga: hmm lets go :p

(in our way)

Me: woah its so much clay if we use this way :| 
Joni: hmm I will check the way (take his sandal and walk with barefoot)
(jleeeb!!! one of his leg drown) oalah :P

Dimas: isn't there any another way? --"
Me: hmm --" look.. it's like Angga has discover another way (I looked at Angga, whom take another route)

(so finally we reach Yayan)

Yayan: lets go guys :o (the man whos not realize anything --a)

We walk walk walk and had reach the electrical tower (sutet tower). It's not very far to Joni house. Joni tell us and explain about this paddy field. I am very interested with irrigation system of this field. It's more like waterfall said Angga xD. Many field on this area was build with "sengkedan". The sengkedan make this field more magnificent :p. There are a little "GAZES CONVERSATION"

(When Angga discovered something)
Angga: hey guys!! there is a Waterfall here!! :D
Me: where?? where?? oalaah --" (it's only a little river. it's look like an irrigation for this field)
Dimas: --" earlier you said it too.. 

Me: why the cotton tree don't have any leaf? :\
Yayan: hmm really? but look at that.. a litte I think..
Me: oww that it fruit\seed??
Angga: hey I found a granede (a fruit/seed of cotton.. and he throw it like a granede XD)

(when we at the sutet tower)
Dimas: let's find the midpoint of this :D
Me: hmm oh here :o
Dimas: oh yeah here :p (sit down and "bertapa")
Joni: oalah!!! 
Me: hek!! I think you want to open the laptop here --"

(Angga was search for something)
Angga: hey jon, there is any store here? :\
Joni: of course not!! where do you think we are --" but if we go little furhter we will find footpath to the village
Angga: my fuel is empty jon :\
(here we are,, at the footpath)
Joni: guys,, Angga and I will search something on the village.. just wait here
Dimas: what you're search hmm?? 
Angga: a muffler (knalpot XD)
Me: this kamen rider!! so gazenaees!! xD
Angga: If you want to surrender, just wave your hand :P
Me: hey!!!! :P (waving my both hand)
Joni & Angga: --"

Me: jon please take my picture.. (gave my handphone) when I jump take it :p
Joni: oke :p
(first take: the pic isn't very clear )
(second: only half of me was in --")
(third: it's same like before but when landing I nearly fall to the field)
Angga: hmm let me take it.. 
Me: oh?? well.. (get ready and jump!!) 
(hups perfect jump but the landing is not very smooth, I fall to the field!!!(actually only one of my leg drowned to the soil --"))
Dimas, Yayan, Joni, Angga: !!!! XD *lol
Me: I sacrificed one of my leg just for one good photo!!! -_-""

Dimas: lets go to fishing any eels
Joni: hmm yeah yeah..
Me: an electric eel :D

Dimas: lho?? hahaha..we're gonna die if catch it xD
Joni: xD

Me: hey what is that for ? (pointing at the white plastic bag on the field. It used for drive away the birds)
Angga: it means give up xD
Dimas&Me: XD lol
Angga: it's look like many field are give up here XD

Joni: hahaha.. If only there is a mirror I will Henshin.. xD
Me: Jon, look at me.. I would henshin from your eyes gaze..
Joni&Dimas: XD lol
Dimas: kamen rider rag's style xD
Angga: gonna try it tomorrow xD lol

Before we go back to Joni house we enjoy the sunset from one of cottage there.. we hope Yayan didn't galau anymore :p

well that my story for the first day of weekend :p I hope today will more magnificent yeah :D

(sorry if there many error's grammer on the text.. I am not a pro, I am a student :) )

 *writing from heart, to heart

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Curhat 115 - Collager?

"Perkuliahan Ternyata Sibuk yah" Kata-kata seperti itu tidak sengaja keluar dari mulutku. Mungkin itu memang isi hatiku sebenarnya. Aku sudah tiga minggu ini menjalani yang namanya perkuliahan. Dari tittle yang ku kasih buat tulisan ini pasti sudah ada yang menebak-nebak "kehidupan kuliah itu gimana sih?" atau yang Mala "baru tau ya?" "beda banget woy.." setalah gue melakukan observasi sana-sini dalam lingkungan kampus. Aku menemukan beberapa perbedaan yang akan di temui setiap mahasiswa baru di dunia perkuliahan.

Faktor-faktor yang mempengaruhi Mahasiswa adalah Wilayah yang luas/baru, Pergaulan, Kedisiplinan. Wilayah yang lebih expand itu lebih rawan dan ketat menyeleksi individu. Apakah dia bisa bertahan atau jatuh tertinggal dari yang lain. Dalam segi pergaulan, di perkuliahan Mahasiswa pasti akan menemui zona-zona yang beragam. Dalam hal ini Mahasiswa memang bebas memilih dan menentukan arah yang akan di jalani nya bersama zona pilahannya tersebut (it's a common thing, I prefer to not text it here,, cause i know you all are understand what I mean,, if you so called "Mahasiswa"). Kenapa aku menuliskan kedisiplinan disini? itu karena kedisiplinan adalah langkah awal dalam menggapai kesuksesan. Apa itu disiplin? Kedisiplinan biasanya beragam dalam diri individu, misalnya saja di dunia ini pasti ada orang yang sering telat/tidak tepat waktu tapi penyeimbang dalam hal ini adalah orang-orang yang tepat waktu dan rajin itu yang dikatakan disiplin. Hal ini memang menjadi trend masa sekarang. (When I said "Discipline", are you try to ask yourself? ask to our country? you must have thought it was a common thing in our life and country).

Dalam perkuliahan juga ada yang namanya team-work. Biasanya keahlian teamwork ini berasal dari pandai nya dia berorganisasi dalam pergaulannya. Kalau bicara tentang ber-organisasi kita dapat mengembangkannya dalam lembaga-lembaga resmi Universitas maupun Fakultas. Kalau di UB lembaga organisasi mahasiswa tertinggi adalah EM (Eksekutif Mahasiswa). Lembaga organisasi terbesar di fakultas adalah BEM (Badan Eksekutif Mahasiswa) (Actually, it's not my place to talk about them). Dalam berorganisasi kita dapat melatih public speaking. Disamping itu kita juga dapat mendapatkan banyak teman/kenalan. Kebanyakan mahasiswa berpikir relasi itu nomor satu. Tapi memang tak bisa disalah kan. Sebagai manusia kita di kodratkan sebagai makhluk sosial. Makhluk yang tak bisa hidup tanpa sesamanya. Kalau opiniku sendiri biarpun relasi itu dijadikan nomor satu bagiku percuma saja bila Mahasiswa itu tidak diisi dengan intelektualitas. Mahasiswa yang inteligen pasti akan berorganisasi untuk mengubah.

*tulisan dari hati, untuk hati

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