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Curhat 121 - #eca

Eca? did you know that person? who is that?

this blog tell you about the note from the heart but I am very often to write down about my heart. now I will sharing a little part of my heart to you.

Eca is the name of someone that live across where I lived now. Of course that's a girl. we are in a relationship now but it's like I have long distance relationship to her. 

many days ago my friend ask me about something. it's like "why are you like her?" I want to tell the answer but suddenly I realized something. I don't know what the answer.. even "she" is never ask me why I like her.. the question is very simple but I got difficulties to answer it.. (this statement same as my friends).  Many my friends are vent to me about their problems. I like to help my friends because there will make them happy (of course). When I help them I get something that only me that can feel it. It was called experience.

When I saw my friends like a couple one. I feel a little envy with them. Of course that make me remembered her. how is she? is she already eat? already sleep? she isn't sick right?? I had questions like that on my mind.. I don't know that she have questioned herself like this to me.

Actually now I have a problem that I can't tell to her. I was know now.. that who can't open up is me. I realized it that I am very closed about my privacy. I know about many of my friends but they don't really know about me. It's like a something reversed . And actually I think she is thougt about me like it. mmm.. I don't know what I want to type anymore now.. I think thats all.. 

why I writed it here because I think she wouldn't read this post... I feel lonely deep inside my heart.. but it's like I don't very cared about it..
I think this new year will very quiet for me..

*writing from heart, to heart

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