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Curhatan, Curasi, Dramatisasi dan Tingkah laku gue sehari-hari yang dikemas dalam tulisan.:P

Curhat 118 - My Kos and Kos-mates

"When you go abroad and be somewhere else (foreigners) do not consider that as your home .. That is different from yours .. adjust yourself and make it your second home .. because.."

I will tell you about my Kos.. especially my kos- mates. My kos address is Simpang Gajayana Street, under the tower (BTS) number 611 Malang, East Java. It location is very mysterious. The situation here was very calm and you wouldn't hear any noise from motorcycles and cars. My kos is very neat, because every morning the landlady clean it. However it isn't only job for landlady , it our job too. This place have 10 rooms + 1 VIP room. Each room have different spacious. 2 rooms from the gate have 2x2 meters spacious , 3 rooms at the front are more bigger, it's about 6x3 meters. 5 rooms (big fives.. including my room) have common spacious about 3x3. But my room is the widest from the common 5 room there. The last one is VIP room, the spacious about 6x3 and have washroom on it. The washroom/watercloset here are about 3 (for the common) and a kitchen.

Then the person or you can say my kosmates (neighbours) there are:

2 rooms beside the gate:

  1. Mr. Halim, he is a student too.  The Faculty of engineering, now completing his education as Student of S3 at UB. nice person.. I usually meet him when go to pecel madiun. There he is.. he like eat pecel too. He is the first person or actually first friend I ever had on this kos. The first I come to this place, there are only me, Mr. Halim, and Mr. Wanto's mother. 
  2. Mr.Wanto, he is a mechanic. He is an abroader too. Actually he is my big brother (adoptive).. the man who give me support to survive on this land. He is wise man on this place.. the other occupants are have respect to him. He lives with his mother here.
3 rooms at the front:
  1. Adenda and Bayu, they are from Sidoarjo. Adenda is Student of FISIP and Bayu is FIA. the room is very big and it can be 2 persons or more (i think :p). Adenda is nice person, he always call me panda.. --" and bayu is athletic person.. he like futsal and play music.
  2. Faqih and Bowo, they are from Solo. Bowo is student of FH/ law faculty and Faqih is FEB. They are nice too. especially Faqih.. I usually see him hang around on this place.. room to room 
  3. (empty), this room was empty. The last is Ms. Lisa, the student of S2 who had move out to rented house. Before her there was me and Arga who stay at this room. But we move out to the big five..
5 rooms of common (big five) they all are students of UB
  1. My room, I think my room is the largest from 4 others.. I always keep my room clean and neat. However my friend usually stay at it. 
  2. Dicky, He is from Medan. The student of Fisip (international relations). The senior.. now he's on his 3rd semester. Member of EM and usually travel to another university.
  3. Arga, He is from Madiun. The student of Fib (English Literature). My senior.. he's on 3rd semester now. Nice person ang game freak :P . One of two headquarters on this kos (the place where we all to gether)
  4. Hushien, He is from muara teweh, Central Borneo. The student of FT (Hidrologi). Senior.. same like two above.. he's on 3rd. The one who know banjar language... and the headquarters like arga's room.
  5. Yoas, He is same like faqih and bowo.. from solo. The student of Faperta. he is good at photoshop.. I usually asks for help if that are about image design 
The VIP room
  1. Mr. Dirga, same like Mr. Halim. He is student of S3. His room is located before the tower. Nice person and usually busy.. when he is on day off, he usually become communicated person.
well there are about my kos and kos mates. I am very grateful to be on this place. They are all become my family :'D

"That is different from yours .. adjust yourself and make it your second home .. because we wouldn't stay forever at the first"

it is not about why i don't want to go home.. i really really miss my family and my friends there.. but I think I'm more useful to stay here, there are many things to do and learn... if I come home now, it only bother my parents .. think for yourself .. what will you do when you go home now?

*writing from heart, to heart

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Camfrog Cam mengatakan...

Woww,, bahasa Inggris,, keren

luapan jiwa mengatakan...

tapi masih pemula kok :P hahaha thanks

Anonim mengatakan...

about your note *the last pharagraph*
should i ask myself again, whwn the person who told me to go home is my mother? ==a

luapan jiwa mengatakan...

If your mother told you to go home.. you should go home... ._."a

if my mother told me to go home.. I will go home :P wkwk

it's a different case..

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